How to Optimise Your Gift Shop's Point-of-Sale System in Preparation for the Holiday Rush

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Australians are predicted to spend $46.8 billion dollars in the 6 weeks before Christmas. The holiday season is probably the most profitable trading period of the year for your gift shop, but it can also be stressful. Your point-of-sale (POS) system is a great tool to help you reduce the stress and make the Christmas season a success.

Ensure that you have the right POS equipment

Check that all your equipment is in good working order and you're happy with the speed of your network. If you're already busy and you're expecting to get even busier over the holidays, now is the time to purchase an additional POS terminal or upgrade your network.

Prepare best seller lists

By using your POS reporting, you can easily see which gifts are selling well and which ones are not so popular. Add best seller lists in different categories to your POS screen and your staff will be able to make informed recommendations when customers need help with their choices.

Automate your purchase orders and adjust your stock levels

Your POS system can monitor your inventory and automatically send out a purchase order to your supplier, once the stock levels become low. If you're already automating your purchasing, take time to evaluate your holiday needs and adjust how much stock you will need.

Set up POS access for new staff

You may be hiring more staff for the busy period. Ensure that their POS accounts are created in advance with appropriate access to information and functions they will need to perform their work. You can also ask new staff members for feedback on the setup of your POS terminals. If new users are not finding it easy to learn and navigate your system, take note of their comments. Your POS supplier can help you make your system more intuitive, thus reducing training time and increasing the speed of operation.

Monitor the level of returns

Each year Australians receive millions of unwanted Christmas gifts. While you can't completely avoid a spike in refund and exchange requests, you can minimise it by monitoring your returns prior to the holidays. When you know which gifts are most likely to be brought back for a refund, you can stock less of those gifts. You can also add a list of these items to your POS information section and train your staff to guide your customers away from them.


22 September 2016

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