Caring for Your Rugby Union Hoodie


If you've bought the latest version of your team's rugby union hoodie you might be wondering how to look after it. Rugby union hoodies can be relatively expensive to buy but tend to last a long time if you care for them correctly.

Here are some tips. 

Avoid washing the hoodie as much as possible

Any washing will wear down your clothing, so try to keep your hoodie away from the washing machine if possible. Spot clean small marks by dabbing with a warm cloth and hang your hoodie up between wears so that it can air out and keep smelling great. You can also try hand washing small areas such as a grass stains on elbows. 

If you do have to wash your hoodie, avoid the clothes drier and instead dry it flat on a towel or other absorbent cloth. As hoodies are relatively thick, this can take a while, so if you plan to wear your jersey to the big game on the weekend, it's a good idea to give it a once over a few days before, in case it does need a wash!

Wash the hoodie inside out

Sometimes you will need to wash your hoodie, and if it's become seriously muddy or has a food spill it's best to wash it sooner than later to avoid staining. When you do need to wash your hoodie, it's a good idea to wash it inside out to avoid fading of the main colour as well as damage to the club logo or other graphics on the hoodie. This means you need to zip up the hoodie and then turn it inside out before you put it into the washing machine. 

If the hoodie is a light colour, be sure to only washing with similar colours or by itself to prevent that all white hoodie turning pink when washed with red socks!

Follow the clothing tag instructions

Most hoodies can be a washed on a cold gentle cycle, but it's a good idea to check the label of the hoodie to ensure that there are no special instructions described for your hoodie. Some hoodies have a technical fabric lining which may require special washing treatment and may not be immediately obvious when you buy it. 

If you have splashed out on a rugby union hoodie to show your loyalty to your team it makes sense to look after the jersey. This will keep it look good for as long as possible and show your team loyalty! 


24 October 2016

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