Caring for Your Rugby Union Hoodie


If you've bought the latest version of your team's rugby union hoodie you might be wondering how to look after it. Rugby union hoodies can be relatively expensive to buy but tend to last a long time if you care for them correctly. Here are some tips.  Avoid washing the hoodie as much as possible Any washing will wear down your clothing, so try to keep your hoodie away from the washing machine if possible.

24 October 2016

How to Optimise Your Gift Shop's Point-of-Sale System in Preparation for the Holiday Rush

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Australians are predicted to spend $46.8 billion dollars in the 6 weeks before Christmas. The holiday season is probably the most profitable trading period of the year for your gift shop, but it can also be stressful. Your point-of-sale (POS) system is a great tool to help you reduce the stress and make the Christmas season a success. Ensure that you have the right POS equipment Check that all your equipment is in good working order and you're happy with the speed of your network.

22 September 2016